Interface is Application

This age is rightly called as a 'Screen Age'. Whether we are working, meeting, conferencing, collaborating, designing, writing, researching, investing, messaging, speaking, planning our work or leisure, buying or selling stuff, booking tickets, insuring, engaging in health activities, or socializing we are constantly looking at screens, working with screens, and working with keyboards and remotes. Our productivity and a sense of well being depends directly on our interfaces with applications which we come across for above and many other activities.

User manuals are obsolete. Users junk an application if they can't deal with its interface quickly and comfortably. If they are forced to use complicated screens needing a lot of guess work and trial & error they get frustrated and they make errors. Such applications die as soon as better applications are available. Applications with easy and productive interfaces get popular and live longer. Interfaces decide the fate of applications.

We therefore believe that 'Interface Is Application'. When we design user interfaces and experiences we discover user work patterns, brain storm on better work flow possibilities, and design screen contents and screen to screen navigation accordingly. We validate these through user walkthroughs. We develop a consistent, clear, and attractive visual language of icons, buttons, and information visualization.

Since 'Interface Is Application', it cannot be an afterthought. Interface design must take place early in product development cycle.

If you have a great product or application in mind, call us early and work with us. Take a look at our successful and innovative User Interface / User Experience Design projects.

by Hemant Karandikar
Design Directions Pvt. Ltd.